About Us

Meet Alice, the inspiration for Bananini, as well as her mom and myself:

The Bananini Family

Soon after she was born, I stumbled upon the Montessori philosophy. The more I delved into it, the more I realized how amazing the Montessori ideas are. They made so much sense for creating the best possible environment for Alice's growth.

But applying these ideas at home was the real challenge. See, Dr. Montessori focused on creating a 'Children's House' in a classroom. The realities of a home setup are quite a bit different from a school.

Which bits actually fit family life, and which are better left for school? How do we Montessori-up our place in a way that suits everyone? And let's talk products – what's essential and what's just a waste?

Answers were scattered everywhere. After sifting through tons of articles, videos, a stack of books, and a few years of trial and error, we've got a good grip on bringing the magic of Montessori into family life.

And that's what led to this website - we wanted to help other parents like us.

Our aim is to support parents in creating a warm, nurturing, and beautiful home for their kids with minimal stress. While we’re rooted in the Montessori philosophy, we also gather insights from educators and parents like you to provide the best resources available.

In our store, we're quite particular! We hand-select items that aren't just beautifully made but also have sustainability at their core.

In our learning section, we break down the Montessori method and share real stories from fellow parents. Our goal? To give you simple, practical tips to transform your home into an amazing space for your little ones.

I hope you will discover the brilliant world of Montessori for yourself, and we are excited to help you along the way!