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Foldable Montessori Learning Tower

Foldable Montessori Learning Tower

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The Foldable Montessori Learning Tower is perfect for homes with smaller space.

It allows your child to independently reach countertops, sinks or any high-up places that they couldn't access previously. On top of that, it can second as a table with a seat where the little person can snack, draw, read or engage in a hundred other different activities. You may find this particularly useful when there is not enough space for a classic children's table and chair.

Once done with the activities, this learning tower can be easily folded and put away!


Multipurpose. Serves a learning tower, as well as a seat with a table for a a child can eat, play, read or work on their art projects

Foldable. Takes only a few moments to fold for storage, or unfold when needed for use.

Sturdy. The learning tower holds up to 133 lbs (60 kg). However, it was tested 220 lbs (100 kg) load.

Natural patterns. The item is crafted from real beech and birch wood. The light, natural patterns of the wood fit well into virtually any home design, and follow the Montessori best practices.

Long life. Young children can benefit from the tower from as early as 8 months, and continue to find it useful until at least 4 years old

PLEASE NOTE: Young children require supervision at all times when using climbing furniture


  • Crafted from natural, high-grade polished birch plywood and beech wood.
  • Covered with non-allergic, water based, environmentally friendly and sustainable varnish.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the product being crafted from natural wood, its color may vary slightly (lighter/darker).

Dimensions and Weight

H: 33.8 in
W: 21.1 in
L: 17.4 in

18 lbs.


Our products are designed and crafted in Ukraine, by a highly regarded regional producer WoodAndHearts.

It is an established children's furniture brand across the Western and Northern Europe.

WoodAndHearts manufactures their products in the safer parts of the country, and managed to enhance and expand their production even during the ongoing invasion.

We are proud to be working with the wonderful people from WoodAndHearts during these challenging times for their country.

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