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Montessori Weaning Table + Chair Sets

Montessori Weaning Table + Chair Sets

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The right-sized furniture will foster your child's independence.

The common purpose of a weaning table is to help the kid learn to eat independently, often during a snack time. Designed for child's convenience, the table and a seat provides them with a perfect set of tools to use, move around and take care of.

However a Montessori weaning table is more than that. It becomes the child’s space to do a large activities seated or standing at the table: doing art projects, working with puzzles, reading, honing their fine motor skills with Montessori materials and many more.

The chair allows the children's feet to sit flat on the floor. The height is ideal between 2 and 5 years of age.


Child sized. Both the table and the chair are made to be comfortable for children starting from 1 year of age, and ideal between 2 and 5 years. The chair allows the child's feet to sit flat on the ground, which is the most healthy position.

Moreover, the lightness of the materials allows even the smallest persons to move the table and the chairs around on their own.

Natural patterns. The item is crafted from real beech and birch wood. The light, natural patterns of the wood fit well into virtually any home design, and follow the Montessori best practices.

Long life. Young children can benefit from the tower from as early as 1 year, and continue to make use of it till 6 years old and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: Young children require supervision at all times when using climbing furniture


  • Crafted from natural, high-grade polished birch plywood and beech wood.
  • Covered with non-allergic, water based, environmentally friendly and sustainable varnish.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the product being crafted from natural wood, its color may vary slightly (lighter/darker).

Dimensions and Weight


H: 18.1 in
W: 23.6 in
L: 23.6 in


H: 19.2 in
W: 11.1 in
L: 14.1 in

19 lbs.


Our products are designed and crafted in Ukraine, by a highly regarded regional producer WoodAndHearts.

It is an established children's furniture brand across the Western and Northern Europe.

WoodAndHearts manufactures their products in the safer parts of the country, and managed to enhance and expand their production even during the ongoing invasion.

We are proud to be working with the wonderful people from WoodAndHearts during these challenging times for their country.

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